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Prevention, oral hygiene

Dental plaque removal 78,15 byn
Dental plaque removal (1 tooth) 4,62 byn

Treatment of caries and pulpitis (therapeutic dentistry)

Treatment of caries with filling от 45,00 byn
Treatment of pulpitis with filling of 1 channel 82,00 byn
Treatment of pulpitis with filling of 1 channel2 110,20 byn
Treatment of pulpitis with filling of 3 channel 130,00 byn

Prosthetic dentistry (orthopedics)

Tab for prosthetics, 1 root 53,19 byn
Tab for prosthetics, 2 root 79,95 byn
One-piece crown 102,59 byn
Crown-molded powder-coated 106,59 byn
Metal-ceramic crown 167,82 byn
Temporary (plastic) crown 49,62 byn
Removing the crown 11.61 byn
Crown fixing 21,50 byn
Removable lamellar acrylic prosthesis 330,00 byn
Clasp prosthesis от 1250,00 byn
Prosthesis "Quadrotty" nylon 1050,00 byn
Герметызацыя фіссуры 1 зуба 17,54 byn
Office whitening 116,71 byn
Crown without metal-ceramic 570,00 byn

Ultrasound diagnosis (ultrasound)

Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and kidneys 16,00 byn
Ultrasound of the pancreas 5,50 byn
Ultrasonography of the liver and gallbladder 5,50 byn
spleen Uzi 4,00 byn
Ultrasonography of kidneys, adrenals and bladder 8,50 byn
Ultrasound of the prostate and bladder 8,50 byn
Ultrasound of the uterus and appendages 15,50 byn
Ultrasound of mammary glands with lymphatic surface nodes 8,50 byn
Ultrasound of the thyroid gland with lymphatic surface nodes 7,00 byn
Ultrasound of joints of knee (knee) 7,00 byn
Ultrasound of the lymph nodes 4,00 byn
Ultrasound of soft tissues (hernia) 4,00 byn
Ultrasound diagnostics seilių liaukos (arba submandibuliniai ar parotid) 4,00 byn
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